Three More Car Wash Locations Announced!

A huge thank you to Paul Timko, JP Kulick, and Walter Zawlocki and their families for their generosity in hosting car washes and providing three additional locations for the JSM Car Wash Extravaganza on Sunday July 12th! (Or should I say Car-Wash-A-Rama to keep with our Bowl-a-Rama theme)!

Below is a list of and links to maps for this Sunday’s car washes. Spread the word to family and friends!  This is a perfect time to get your car washed and for a wonderful cause!!

The Kander’s (Evan Kander team captain)
460 Mayfair Lane; Buffalo Grove

The Kulick’s (JP Kulick team captain)
147 Stonegate; Buffalo Grove

The Zawlocki’s (Walter Zawlocki team captain)
914 Country Lane; Buffalo Grove

The Timko’s (Paul Timko team captain)
1413 Rose Blvd; Buffalo Grove

Get Excited For JSM Car Wash Fundraiser!

We hope to see you there!

Here’s a sample flyer….

JSM CarWash Flyer

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    look what i found

    JSM Cure – Funding Research to Cure Leukemia » Blog Archive » Three More Car Wash Locations Announced!

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