The Leukemia Research Foundation has impacted my life in many ways.

It’s not only my life that’s been affected by the LRF, but many other lives as well.  In reading the following testimonial I give to the LRF, consider how that organization has helped & supported many other families.

When Jessica was diagnosed with leukemia and had to be hospitalized, I asked for and received financial assistance.  At the time, I was not working and my husband, Marvin, had just graduated from college and was beginning a new career.

At each LRF executive meeting, a report is shared stating the thousands of dollars in financial aid given to men, women and children who’ve been diagnosed with leukemia or lymphoma.  Your generous donations are a definite factor in this support.

Years later, after giving birth to two more children, Stacy and Ben, I returned to my teaching career.  At Devonshire School, where I continued teaching, an LRF  Carnival was held annually in memory of another child, Pam Croft, who had died of leukemia in 1972—the same year Jessica was born.  I participated in that event.

After Jessica’s passing, the school’s Student Council voted to include Jessica’s name as part of that Carnival.  So from 1986, the Pam Croft /Jessica Shayne Magid Carnival for LRF has occurred.  LRF has donated myriads of toys, stuffed animals, prizes to this Carnival.

Just four years ago, another student at Devonshire was diagnosed with leukemia.  The money raised that year by Carnival participants and supporters generated close to $2000.00.  Now with the research to which those dollars contributed, that student is an active, healthy and “in remission” middle school student.

The Leukemia Research Foundation has had a positive affect on my family’s life.  With optimism that our fund raising events will help research effect a cure, we continue our endeavors.

The Leukemia Research Foundation’s mission is to cure leukemia by funding innovative research, and to support patients and families. As the nation’s largest nonprofit focused exclusively on funding leukemia research, the Foundation has invested millions to accelerate the development of new and better treatments and an ultimate cure for leukemia.

Rochelle Magid

The proceeds of this 100% volunteer event are donated to the Leukemia Research Foundation.JSM Pink Turtle