Want to Host a Car Wash ? Get Involved and Have Fun!!

 From Carli and Evan Kander…queue Car Wash Song!

“We are hoping to find people who are willing to host a car wash at their house on any available day this summer. If you are able to do so, you can choose a day (generally Saturdays and Sundays work best). You will need to provide car wash supplies. We will send you a copy of a flyer that you could hand out to family, friends, and neighbors. The cost for car washes will be donations only. The event is more fun when a lot of people help out at each car wash.

Feel free to get creative with other possible ways to raise money. For example, you may have younger siblings, cousins, or neighbors who could have a lemonade stand for donations. We greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to help out and raise money for a great cause. Please pass this on to anyone that you think would be interested in participating”.

Any questions can be directed to info@jsm.org.

Listen to the classic “Car Wash” song…

YouTube Preview Image

 …and get excited for the JSM CAR WASH ON SUNDAY JULY 12TH!

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